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Our brief is clear: to consistently deliver the highest levels of quality, efficiency and reliability to our customers, no matter what.

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IT'S OFFICIAL. Retail Systems Ltd have teamed up with GEMTAGS as the only supplier of jewellery labels to our members.

Our Members will now be able to buy their jewellery labels direct from RSL at DISCOUNTED PRICES....SAVING THEM MONEY.

 “The modern day pawnbroker is boosting the amount of business they are doing by diversifying their offerings”.

Retail Systems Ltd, Retail House,2 Five Acres Avenue,Bricket Wood

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             Tel:01923 671616  Mob:07855 066376


    NPA Annual Awards 2013


      NPA WINNERS USE OUR                SOFTWARE

Three out of the four winners at this years NPA awards use Pledgemaster our pawnbroking system.


Its not too late, you to can join the revolution in pawnbroking software.

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Retail Systems Ltd are trade members of the National Pawnbrokers Assosiation.

National Pawnbrokers Assoiation

Retail Systems Ltd are a leading UK independent supplier of hardware and software systems to the jewellery & pawnbroking industry and has over 20 years experience in developing easy-to-use window base systems to help manage your business from day to day.


We believe we offer the most comprehensive industry related systems available on the market today and have successfully integrated our software's with existing shop hardware saving time and money.


All our systems have been developed in-house and have stood the test of time with provenance from many of our clients, All our systems are "Easy to Use" and are designed and built for quick and easy input without having to constantly switch between keyboard and mouse. Our systems continue to be acknowledged and reconised for their simplicity and reliability.



JewelKing is not just any old Retail System. It's been designed especially for the jewellery trade and manages your retail business from the moment goods enter your premises from suppliers to the time they leave as sales.


" We needed software that was versatile enough to coupe with the variety of our retail trade, This system has delivered to our expectations comprehensively. We would not be able to manage stock, clients or accounts without it"  Steve, Shropshire

To find out more information about us, our systems and services please contact:


 Mr Andrew Jacobs on 01923 671616

                             or 07855 066376

                 or E-mail


the growth story of the credit crunch.

There are no credit checks, little paperwork and the cash is available straight away.


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We pride ourselves on being big on customer support and our team are here to help you 7 days a week.

With our remote access systems we can support your business and maintain your systems from any-ware in the world at anytime, and have done so.


(Supporting Jewellers since 1985)

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